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GIORGIO PIETRI is a family-based company in Corinth and whose main activity is the production of Italian style espresso coffee and the marketing of high quality products for business, office and home.  GIORGIO PIETRI, in its original form, started its operation in 2004. The founder of the company, Giorgio Pietri, after many years of experience in the production of coffee and the special "roasting" techniques of the traditional Espresso, decided to realize his vision and to create complete product lines for innovative companies, offices and individuals.

Since the establishment of our company, we operate with the aim of maintaining the Italian tradition in Espresso and the production that stands out.  Our state-of-the-art production unit in Corinth receives the highest quality raw materials that we have personally checked and selected. The raw materials, using traditional processing techniques, are transformed into product lines that can meet the needs of even the most demanding company.  Our unit operates continuously and is able to complete orders, in many cases even on the same day. We pay special attention to the relationship with our customers.  An excellently trained and enthusiastic sales team will be constantly at your disposal, recording the needs of your business and proposing specialized ideas and solutions.


The vision of the founder of the company Giorgio Pietri is to share with the public his passion for quality espresso coffee and to transfer his experience and passion in the production of unique blends based on unsurpassed quality and incomparable taste; thus creating an espresso company that will be a standard reference point in the espresso market. A pioneering company that offers superior quality products of its production in the best points of sale nationwide!

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of the most demanding consumers of espresso coffee and related products.  We achieve this through the constant search and selection of only the best raw material from around the world then, we continue with a careful roasting process in which superior quality blends are obtained and transformed into rich varieties of our exclusive production.


Unparalleled quality is the basic principle with which our business has been following all these years and accompanies us every day.  It is an ongoing process and commitment that starts from the planting of an espresso variety in a specific area of ​​coffee growing in the world, continues with the harvest of green coffee beans that will be extracted and will end up in our business, perfected in roasting under personal supervision of Giorgio Pietri, a recognized craftsman "roaster", is completed with its packaging in high aesthetic packaging and ends up in every cup of coffee that you procure from any store that carries our brand nationwide.

GIORGIO PIETRI differs from the majority of coffee companies in the world as it faithfully follows the traditional methods of making Italian espresso. Let's take a tour of the steps we follow reverently for the production of every gram of coffee…

Selected raw materials

Ensuring the superior quality of our blends starts with the selection of fine batches of green beans from the best coffee plantations in the world.  Once the batches arrive at our unit, we subject them thorough quality controls before we start production.

Composition of blends

For the correct composition of the blends we produce, we use more than 15 different varieties of coffee that come from America, Africa and Asia. The choice of the ingredients and the way we mix them before roasting is the result of long-term research and experience in the production of blends.

Slow Roasting

The "roasting" method that we follow is slow at low temperature.  In this way, the high value ingredients that are present in the coffee beans are preserved and the special taste that characterizes the high quality espresso is highlighted.  In addition, the roasting of each variety is done separately.

Rich aroma

The bean composition for the production of each variety is roasted a few days before distribution at points of sale to retain the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee when it reaches the cup of the consumer.

Our constant personal involvement, the procedures and the quality controls that we follow, our love and passion for an authentic handmade, Italian style, espresso, the innovation in the coffee varieties we produce and the impeccable service of our customers, has made the products of our company really innovative and superior quality.