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Camille tea tin | La Via del Te | 100g.

/ Metallic box / 100 gr

€17.80 Ex Tax: €15.75

Camille was the biggest Box Office hit of 1936. Inspired by the novel The Lady of Camellias, the mov..

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Marguerite loose leaf tea| La Via del Tè

/ 50 gr

€6.50 Ex Tax: €5.75

A blend of green tea from Japan and China with the scent of wild strawberry, peach and lime, de..

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Pistacchiotto in Elegant tin box | Barbero

/ Metallic box / 150 gr

€13.00 Ex Tax: €11.50

Pistacchiotto with sicilian pistachio!Not the usual giandujotti: Barbero revisits the traditional ..

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Almond Cold Cream | Suavis

/ 160 gr

€8.20 Ex Tax: €7.26

An almond-flavored product.A sweet treat that stands out for the very high quality of the raw materi..

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Amaretto Hot Chocolate | Suavis

Chocolate powder / 160 gr

€6.50 Ex Tax: €5.75

A wonderful winter drink.Amaretto aroma powder mixture and cocoa base for hot chocolate.With inten..

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Apron | Black
€16.90 Ex Tax: €13.63

Service Apron. Colour: BlackSize: One Size..

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Apron | Grey
€20.40 Ex Tax: €16.45

Service apron. Colour: GreySize: One size..

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Artisanal Panettone in Elegant tin box | Barbero

/ Metallic box / 750 gr

€29.00 Ex Tax: €25.66

Classic Panettone is the definition of traditional Italian pastry.Traditional artisanal Panettone, ..

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Artisanal Panettone with Dark Chocolate in Elegant tin box | Barbero

/ Metallic box / 750 gr

€30.00 Ex Tax: €26.55

Artisanal Panettone With Dark Chocolate Drops Without Raisins And Without Candied Citrus Cubes in an..

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