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Shipments within Greece are posted with ACS Courier.

"Delivery time is 1-2 working days for land destinations, 1-3 working days for island destinations and 1-5 working days for inaccessible destinations. Areas outside the boundaries of the main cities of the ACS network are designated inaccessible destinations , are defined in the official price list of ACS, and are listed on the website https://www.acscourier.net/en/pricelist.

* Delivery time refers to average delivery time in working days from the date of departure ‘’

Orders placed on business days and until 13:30, are shipped the same day if the products are available.


Shipping costs are 4 € for orders up to 2 Kg for all destinations except the inaccessible areas. Each additional kilo is charged with an additional shipping cost of € 1.00.

For inaccessible areas the shipping costs are set at € 6 for orders up to 2 Kg. 

Every extra kilo is charged with additional shipping cost € 1.00.

Free Shipping is valid for purchases worth € 40 and over.

There is no possibility of prior telephone information with the Courier for the exact delivery time.

In case of delivery delay of your shipment, the Courier will contact you so that they can be made

the necessary arrangements.


By Availability we mean the time that will elapse between the sending of your order until the time when your order will be received.

We will contact you immediately if any items from your order are not available.

There are some cases where the stock may have been depleted.

All orders placed on weekdays and until 13:30 are sent the same day. Orders placed from Saturday noon to Sunday night are processed from Monday morning. The delivery time of your order is from 1-5 working days depending on the delivery area.

Force majeure

If in any case due to force majeure (such as bad weather, strikes) it is not possible to complete the delivery of your order within the predetermined period, for which we have committed, we will contact you to ask regards the completion of your order.

Limited responsibilities

Our company has absolutely no responsibility for possible damages that may occur to customers from non-execution of an order. In addition, our online store has reservations about the delivery time of orders in cases of force majeure or when the goods of the order are not available from the respective supplier. In these cases, our online store takes care of your information.

Undelivered parcels

Sometimes parcels are returned to us because for various reasons they were not delivered. When a parcel that has already been paid is returned to us, we credit the customer's account (along with shipping costs).  The customer will be informed about the return of the parcel in order to let us know if he wishes to send it again. Possible reasons why a parcel may not be delivered are the following:

Wrong address. Please be sure and double check that the full address you enter in our online store is correct.

Other management problems. Sometimes the label may be corrupted during the transfer process and not be readable by the carrier. Other times the carrier may leave the parcel in the wrong direction.

Withdrawal – Returning products

The customer has the right to return products purchased, free of charge and without having to announce the reason they wish for their return, within an exclusive deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receiving them. In this case, the customer is charged only with the cost of returning the products.

Returns are accepted only if the products being returned are in the same condition as they were when the customer received them, without, that is, having been unsealed or their packaging violated, along with the relevant retail receipt or invoice. To avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable for the customer to carefully check the condition of the purchased products and the integrity of the packaging, in order to detect any obvious defects (e.g. wrong item, etc.)

In case you wish to return the products, you purchased through www.eshop.granespresso.gr, the address they must be returned to is: Efpiias and Agiou Orous, Corinth, PC: 20 131. The products must be returned with the retail receipt of purchase or the invoice that accompanied them.